Mahmud Asrar Shares Art Process Shots For Conan The Barbarian #5

by Olly MacNamee

If you’re like me, you’ve been thoroughly enjoying the new Conan The Barbarian ongoing from Marvel. That’s in part, no doubt, to the dynamic, frenetic artwork of Mahmud Asrar who simply makes Jason Aaron’s scripts come alive on the page. It’s always a fascinating insight when any artist shared their thoughts and breaks down such complex pieces. As this one does, and it’s one of the good sides to social media too. Its not all about trolling, thankfully.

I wanted this image to tell a story in itself rather than just be a brawl scene. So here we have some dead pirates, some dying, some attacking and some that are not so confident with what they are facing. – Mahmud Asrar

Conan The Barbarian #5 is out now from Marvel

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