Fantastic Four #9 Once Again Underscores The Importance Of Family

by Olly MacNamee

Last issue saw Susan Storm literally unmasking the scarred visage of Victor Von Doom to the world, and he wasn’t too happy about it. He still isn’t as we pick up the action this issue and Sue reveals through inner monologue that she’s learnt from the best. As she says, “I’m Johnny Storm’s sister. I’ve learnt how to tease and troll from the very best.” And, she’s not the only one revealing a new skill set to her powers. It’s all down to longevity and team work. If you all hang out as a superhero team as well as a tight-knit family long enough, you’ll rub off on one another and in this instance, that’s a good thing. Team work at its very best, with even the intellectually aloof Reed picking up a lesson or two from best buddy, Ben. It all helps then to escape the various entrapments of world class egotist, Doctor Doom, who once again looks more like a doofus than a doctor.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, Franklin Richards continues to make fast friends with blast-from-the-past Wendy, while Wyatt Wingfoot, Alicia, and the rest of the ‘Feet-on-the-ground Four’ go looking for him, giving the reader a brief respite from the full on action going down in Latveria. Although, it doesn’t actually turn out to be a respite from the action after all. Seems wherever you turn, trouble is not too far away. It all adds up to another action-packed, fast paced and good humoured issue. Oh, and in-between all of this, there’s Galactus too, in case you’d forgotten. Excelsior, indeed!

Its another cleverly, comically well-written adventure from Dan Slott who has, time and again, made the family dynamics of the Fantastic Four a core strength and fundamental element to this book’s success. And to think, Marvel thought married super folk were a no-no once upon a time. Poor old Petey still suffers to this day from that one. And while Aaron Kuder doesn’t quite have the fuel in his tank to complete this particular story-arc, once again the additional artist – Stefano Castillo and Paco Medina – are excellent choices to round of the issue and this particular chapter in the life of the Fanatics Four.
Slott’s still having the most fun with this book and he’s only got started. In just 9 issues he’s united the FF, married Ben and Alicia (finally!), given them a new HQ and re-introduced both Doom and Galactus into the fray. That’s some pretty good going I reckon. I can’t wait to read what he’s got in store for us next.
Fantastic Four #9 is out now from Marvel.

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