Documentary Follows British Bus Drivers As Their ‘Alien On Stage’ Meets With Wild Success

by Hannah Means Shannon

You’ve probably been hearing about the New Jersey high schoolers who staged Ridley Scott’s Alien to great effect, but before that event, a group of British bus drivers put on a stage production of Alien, and were rocketed by their success straight to the hallowed British theater territory of the West End in London.

These are the final hours of a Kickstarter which will bring a documentary about that phenomenon to life, and it’s time to find out how it all happened.

Here’s what the production team have to say about their project:

We believe we have captured the most unusual and entertaining piece of Alien fan art in the know universe, a charming and brilliant amateur stage production of the film Alien.

This true story affirms how absurd, magical and uplifting life can be. Alien On Stage swept us along on an unexpected and hilarious joyride and we want to share this experience with everyone.

It involves a small community of Dorset bus drivers, an unsuspecting village hall, home made special effects, unshakeable dedication, a loving family, uncontrollable laughter and an unplanned climactic performance in London’s West End theatre district!

The events that led to their success are stranger than fiction and are all about fan support and enthusiasm.

Check out their trailer below and consider supporting the documentary before the campaign closes on April 30th at 5PM EST.

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