Celebrate Mother’s Day With Marvel Comics At Your Local Comic Shop

by James Ferguson

Marvel Comics is celebrating Mother’s Day in style, urging fans to share their love of reading with the whole family. To help bring in the next generation of super heroes and celebrate mothers everywhere, Marvel is providing participating comic shops with free giveaways like coloring posters and bookmarks featuring characters from Marvel Rising and Marvel Super Hero Adventures.

This is a fun way to get kids to read and I’m a huge advocate for that. Books like these are perfect for young readers and all ages. The first two issues of Marvel Rising are out now along with a few trade paperbacks from Marvel Super Hero Adventures.

The only thing I’m a little confused by is how Marvel is releasing these books while outsourcing some other super hero content to IDW Publishing. It seems like an odd move to publish some, but not all of these books when they’re all geared towards the same younger audience. In any case, there are plenty of books to introduce your kids to super heroes available at your local comic shop and I’m sure Mom will like some of these too.

As a quick reminder, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th.

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