Batman #70 Unleashes A Dark Knight Scorned

by Tony Thornley

After a story arc full of deeper revelations about a character and his innermost thoughts, dreams and fears, we the reader might need a palate cleanser. Luckily, the creators knew that and gave us Batman #70, a much lighter single issue than we’ve gotten in a few months.

Cover by Andy Kubert, Alex Sinclair, Brent Anderson

Tom King, Mikel Janin, Jorge Fornes, Jordie Bellaire, and Clayton Cowles give us the immediate aftermath of “Knightmares” as the series builds to the massive “City of Bane” story.

Batman is awake and he’s angry. Unfortunately he’s woken up in the middle of Arkham Asylum, which Bane is still in full control. This is Batman we’re talking about though, and he proceeds to tear through virtually his entire rogue’s gallery. Once he makes it through them though, what will he face?

After an incredibly cerebral arc, King gives us Batman at his pinnacle, an unstoppable beast of a superhero who knows each of his villains’ weaknesses and is able to circumvent them. Honestly, from what I know of the arc to come, he’s going to be humbled and brought low, but for an issue we got to see the Dark Knight tear through his worst foes, and it was fun. I really wouldn’t want an entire run like this, but it was a fun change of pace from the deeper, more psychological themes of the last few arcs.

Janin, Fornes and Bellarie are a truly formidable art team. Bellaire sets the mood through the entire issue, using color to show us the progression Batman goes through, but also setting the scene within the prison. Janin and Fornes draw each fight a little differently, not just in the figures involved, but in the layouts, the camera angles, and even just how Batman stands facing each foe. This issue is a showcase for the art team, and without them it wouldn’t be half the story it is.

Batman is sure to get knocked down a peg soon, but it was sure fun to read him at his apex for an issue.

Batman #70 is available now from DC Comics.

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