Reprints For Road Of Bones, Amber Blake And Ghost Tree From IDW This Month

by Olly MacNamee

IDW have announced that a number of new titles they’ve recently published have been shipped back to the printers for a second printing. These titles are Amber Blake, and Road of Bones, with Ghost Tree #1 receiving a third printing.

Here are details of each series for anyone interested in seeing what all the fuss has been about:

Amber Blake, written by international modeling sensation Jade Lagardére and illustrated by industry legend Butch Guice (The Flash, Action Comics), is a four-issue thriller that shines a harsh light on international human trafficking. The titular heroine, a top recruit at a covert agency, seeks to end human slavery in all of its forms…  and sets out on an intensely personal mission to avenge those she loves.

Next up, is Road of Bones #1:

Road of Bones, written by Rich Douek (TMNT Universe) and illustrated by Alex Cormack (Sink), is a four-issue survival tale wherein horror, history, and Russian folklore collide. The worst prison in the world – the Siberian Gulag of Kolyma – is merely the gateway to even darker terrors, as escapees stumble over hundreds of miles of frozen tundra on a descent into delirious madness.

And finally, Ghost Tree #1:

Ghost Tree, a four-issue miniseries written by Bobby Curnow (Ward’s Valley), illustrated by Simon Gane (Godzilla) and colored by Ian Herring (Deadpool), follows a young man whose return to his ancestral Japanese home leads him to a haunted tree… and the departed souls that are drawn to it. It’s a touching story of love and loss, exploring how the past never truly stays dead.

All caught up? Then all you need to know is when these additional printing sill be available. First up is Amber Blake #1 Second Printing which will be on sale 6/12/19, with Ghost Tree #1 and Road of Bones #1 reprints all available on the 26th of May. Including both second and third printings of Ghost Tree #1

Which reminds me, I still owe you all a review of Ghost Tree #1. Best get cracking!

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