Warren Ellis To Relaunch Wild C.A.T.S. This August For DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

With Warren Ellis’s Wildstorm coming to a crashing conclusion with the forthcoming issue #24, all eyes were on what he was going to do next. Well, to not too much surprise, DC Comics have announced that his next comic book project set will be tackling a relaunch of Jim Lee’s Wild C.A.T.S., teaming up with with artist Ramon Villalobo for this new gig.

It’s billed as a six-issue miniseries and it all kicks off this August. As for Ellis’s take on this 90’s favourite, here’s what he said on the official DC news page:

The first line I wrote down for Wild C.A.T.S. was: ‘Saving the human race from the human race.’ It’s a team made up of people who have seen the worst in everybody and everything, and yet still put themselves in frankly absurd amounts of jeopardy just so tomorrow might be a little bit better. And it’s a short series, so I might just kill them all. Come and see what happens. The art is great.

And, if he does kill them all off, that’s all good with Wild C.A.T.S. creator, Jim Lee, he’s just glad Ellis is writing his babies:

Warren has created something truly spectacular with the relaunch of the WildStorm universe over the past two years,. There are few visionaries in our business and few still who can elevate mythos with such vitality and spectacle. Paired with Ramon’s extraordinary artwork, I’m thrilled for fans to check this out come August

That’s me sold, but then I always was a fan of these guys, even of I am still awaiting Grant Morrison’s second issue of Wild C.A.T.S. from 2006. But I’ll happily settle for a Warren Ellis written series instead.

From the pages of THE WILD STORM, the piratical covert team are here to stop humanity from destroying itself. The black-ops team featuring Grifter, Savant, John Colt and Adrianna Tereshkova have discovered that the secret space program Skywatch has been performing medical experiments on abducted innocents for decades. And now one of those experiments is about to explode—revealing a new threat and level of danger that no one could have prepared for. The covert team may have thought the world was strange before, but they had no idea—and now the stakes might just be too high.

Wild C.A.T.S. #1 will be out August 28th for DC Comics.

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