Check Out PlayStation VR’s ‘Blood And Truth’ Launch Trailer

by Sage Ashford

PlayStation has released a launch trailer for their upcoming PS VR exclusive title, Blood and Truth. Blood and Truth is a first-person shooter from the minds over at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s London Studio, who were previously responsible for titles like The Getaway in the past. For the last decade, they’ve been responsible for games like the SingStar series of more experimental games like the PS Move focused Wonderbook, but this puts them squarely back in the lane of working on a high-octane action franchise.
Blood and Truth follows Ryan Marks, once a former Special Forces soldier, now attempting to rescue his family from one of London’s crime bosses. This game is noteworthy because it’s one of the first VR games which “looks” like a traditional linear shooting game.  It’s action-focused–lots of gunplay, minor platforming, and explosive setpieces.
Blood and Truth is available for PlayStation 4 VR users on May 29th.

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