Marvel Debuts X-Men: The Seminal Moments Documentary Series

by James Ferguson

When House of X and Powers of X were announced, they were described as the next big event for the X-Men. To further prove that point, Marvel Comics is taking a look back at the mutants through a series of documentary shorts called X-Men: The Seminal Moments. Available on and through Marvel social channels, the first short is available now, looking at the publication of 1975’s Giant Size X-Men.  Check it out below:

More episodes will be released through the end of the month including looks at 1991’s X-Men #1, 1995’s Age of Apocalypse, and 2001’s New X-Men.  Creators involved in the projects will be on camera talking about their work and its influences.  You’ll see folks like Adam Kubert, Chris Claremont, Larry Hama, Jonathan Hickman, Al Ewing, and more.
I love this stuff as we don’t get enough documentaries about comics outside of a handful of DVD special features.  This is a great way to chronicle how this big event came to be and I’m looking forward to the rest of this series.

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