Swamp Thing Cancelled Ahead Of Second Episode Debut

by Erik Amaya

It seems the fate of Swamp Thing will always be a troubled one.
TVLine reports DC Universe has already cancelled its newest series, Swamp Thing, ahead of releasing its second episode tomorrow. Sad news, indeed, but it seems the show was a victim of everything but its own quality. According to some reports, a tax incentive deal with the state of North Carolina failed to materialize; making the show prohibitively expensive. This is why the series was cut down to 10 episodes from the original 13-episode order back in April. Compounding that issue is DC Universe’s overall fate in light of AT&T’s purchase of Warner Bros, renaming it WarnerMedia, and announcing a top-level WarnerMedia streaming service to rival Netflix and Disney+. Some suggest AT&T was itself uncomfortable with Swamp Thing and the more mature — or attempts at mature — themes on the DC Universe shows. It may spell doom for the entire endeavor, which is still less than a year old.
Meanwhile, Swamp Thing happens to be a pretty good rendering of the ideas from the original comic book series. Staring Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane, Derek Mears as Swamp Thing, and Virginia Madsen as Maria Sunderland, it set out to tell a more supernatural take on the character reminiscent of the Alan Moore run on the comic book. Equal parts gothic horror and gothic romance, it looked to be ambitious and a further departure from the DC superhero status quo established over on The CW.
Though the streaming platform’s fate is still uncertain, a second season of Titans, the back half of Young Justice: Outsiders and a Stargirl series are still set to debut on DC Universe. If much happens beyond that is anyone’s guess as AT&T’s interest in superhero product alters any plans DC Entertainment may have had in the next five years.

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