Syfy’s Krypton Finds Its Brainiac; House Of El Matriarch Cast

by Erik Amaya


Brainiac will make a return to television when he appears on Syfy’s upcoming Krypton. The series stars Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, Superman’s grandfather, who faces an uphill battle to restore the disgraced House of El and calm unrest across the planet.
Making Seg-El’s life worse will be Blake Ritson as Brainiac. Described by Deadline — which first reported the news — as “a parasitic, hyper-advanced alien android of immense intelligence” is famous in DC Comics lore for shrinking the Kryptonian city of Kandor (where Krypton will take place) and roaming the universe in search of interesting, but doomed societies. The character first appeared in Action Comics #242 and became one of Superman’s greatest adversaries. Originally a scientist from the planet Colu, he eventually became a robot; though he occasionally presents himself as an organic being depending on the mood of the Superman editorial and creative teams. He is also the distant ancestor of the 30th Century’s greatest smartypants, Brainiac 5. Ritson will be a series regular, so expect Brainiac’s scheme to be long in unfolding.
Meanwhile, Seg-El will have some assistance in his quest from Paula Malcomson, who will play House of El matriarch Charys.
The series, which will also feature Shaun Sipos as Adam Strange, is set to air next year on Syfy.

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