Death Wish: The Collected Adventures Of The Daredevil In The Mask From Rebellion

by Richard Bruton

Blake Edmonds had a face that was known and loved around the world. The most famous and successful Formula 1 driver of his generation had it all… and then, one terrible day, he lost it all – the looks, the fame… all gone following a terrible crash which left him hideously disfigured.

His life in pieces, Edmonds puts on a mask and begins a new life as a masked daredevil stuntman, where he gets a reputation as having his own death wish, no job seems too dangerous, no risk too much. Whether it’s experimental race cars, powerboat racing, ski-jumping, or death-defying parachute jumps, Edmonds takes them all on as Death Wish!

Created by Barrie Tomlinson and Vanyo, Blake Edmonds appeared for 8 years in Speed comic, Tiger, and finally The Eagle. He soon became the most popular character in Speed, the ghoulish concept fleshed out by Tomlinson as he moved Edmonds’ life into that of adventurer as well as daredevil. By the final incarnation, Death Wish’s travels brought him into conflict with various supernatural menaces, including ghosts, werewolves, and even Dracula!

As for the artist, Vanyo, he was actually the pen name of two brothers, Vincente and Eduardo Vano Ibarra, with Eduardo pencilling and Vincente inking the work… which explains how Vanyo managed to be quite so prolific through the late 70s and 80s!

You might have seen Death Wish in 2018’s The Vigilant Special, but here’s your chance to relive his earliest adventures, reprinting material from Speed comic (1980), Speed Annual 1981 & 1982.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a ride…

Death Wish, published by Rebellion on 11 July. Written by Barrie Tomlinson, art by Vanyo.

Finally, as a special treat, the color Speed comic covers featuring Death Wish… don’t you wish they still had comics start on the cover?

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