The Red Queen Returns In ‘Marauders #12’

by James Ferguson

In a world where mutants can be resurrected, death doesn’t feel all that scary. That was a different story for Kate Pryde as it was unclear if she could be brought back to life. She can’t use the gates of Krakoa after all. In any case, this week’s Marauders #11 featured her return and Marvel is already looking towards the next issue as the path to “X of Swords” continues. Kate’s role in the upcoming crossover has yet to be revealed, but the Red Queen will most certainly be needed.

Marauders #12 is written by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Matteo Lolli. Kate is back and she’s looking for vengeance. When asked about what to expect, Duggan says “Long live the Red Queen! First the Marauders draw their blades in X of Swords, then comes the Queens Regent era at Hellfire Bay.” The fun begins next month.

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