Vampirella & Red Sonja Team Up For Historic Ongoing Series

by James Ferguson

Dynamite Entertainment has announced its two flagship heroines are joining forces in a new ongoing series beginning in September. Vampirella / Red Sonja, written by Jordie Bellaire and illustrated by Drew Moss, colored by Rebecca Nalty, and lettered by Becca Carey, takes us back to 1969. Vampi is new to Earth and still adjusting to our world and she’s attracted to the supernatural and paranormal mysteries of the world. That’s when she runs into a young Red Sonja, plucked out of time and clueless. The two women work together as detectives / warriors to find out what has happened as more space-time shenanigans follow.

Writer Jordie Bellaire says:

Vampirella and Red Sonja are like the buddy cop team we never realized we wanted or could have. We’re hoping to stick the landing on something funny, upbeat and mysterious. Vampirella and Red Sonja will begin as strangers but soon become fast friends that look to support and encourage the other, all while being comical and maybe slightly murderous. This book has been a pleasure to write and I’m delighted with the team – everyone is bringing something awesome to the story! I’m so happy to be here with them.

Vampirella / Red Sonja #1 will feature a number of different covers, including work from Terry and Rachel Dodson, Julian Totino Tedesco, Babs Tarr, and Leonardo Romero with colors by Bellaire. Moss will contribute a “Then and Now” cover showing his modern style superimposed alongside classic art of the character by artists such as Frank Frazetta.

Artist Drew Moss added:

It has been a joy working with such a talented group of people, from the writing, colors, letters and editorial, they are the best. When I was first offered this book I was intimidated by the characters but when I was told we were just going to tell the best story we could, I knew I had to be a part of it. Every time a script, colors, covers or pages come in, the excitement builds inside me. I just hope people will be as excited as I am.

After seeing them work side-by-side in Betty & Veronica Meet Vampirella & Red Sonja, this team-up book is a no-brainer. The two characters have unique and strong personalities that should make for some great fun, drama, and action.

Editor Nate Cosby says:

This is the first time Vampirella and Red Sonja will be together in an ongoing series, and it’s been CRAZY cool to see what Jordie’s got planned for the long haul here, and how Drew, Rebecca and Becca are visualizing it. We’re delving deep into character and personality with both V and RS, creating a truly special dynamic. And there’s no “VS.” in the title…these two are joining forces to kick the ass of anything and everything that comes their way!

I do like that Dynamite seems to be staying away from the team-up tropes of the super hero drama. They’re not going to fight first and then figure out they’re on the same side. This is a way for them to get together and bust up all kinds of bad guys. I guess the only fight could come from who got top billing.

Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher added:

This series has been a long time coming. We’ve had many fun crossovers over the years, but needed the right voice to have our two most beloved characters in an ongoing series, and Jordie is just the one! Couple that with Drew Moss and the entire creative team, and this is a winner! An all-star team for our all-star characters. We’re incredibly proud to have Jordie on this and watch with fans as she continues to blow everyone’s socks off with her writing!

Look for Vampirella / Red Sonja #1 at your local comic shop in September 2019.

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