The Wolf At The Door – Faithless #3 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

Poppy wants Faith to explain what she did to the boys from the night before, and, after some dodging, Faith explains her “abilities.” Then Poppy leaves for Italy, and Faith goes home. She is given a bizarre and invasive warning from an old woman on the street before discovering a tragedy at home. It leaves Faith reeling and makes her feel guilty for reasons she can’t explain. Upon returning to Poppy’s place, she receives yet another surprise.

Faithless #3 cover by Maria Llovet
Faithless #3 cover by Maria Llovet

Faithless #3 gives the reader another series of strange twists that cause Faith’s life to spiral even more out of control. 

She has always been something of a casual drifter trying to maintain a living, but things have turned into a new and frightening kind of chaos with which she doesn’t know how to grapple.

It all makes for an engaging mixture of sexual exploration accompanied by supernatural peril. Faith has been toying with forces she doesn’t understand while exploring parts of herself with which she was previously less familiar.

The seemingly sudden tragedy adds another layer of heavy and complicated emotions while also adding a potential danger that it could happen again.

Faithless #3 art by Maria Llovet with letters from AndWorld Design
Faithless #3 art by Maria Llovet with letters from AndWorld Design

Maria Llovet’s artwork continues to be thoroughly beautiful, rendering this strange yet relatable world with a seeming ease. The characters are incredibly expressive, and the mystical elements are integrated well enough that you’re still left to wonder what is genuine mysticism and what is metaphor. The color work is gorgeous as well, giving an almost oppressive realism to the atmosphere of the story.

Faithless #3 is another compelling entry in this miniseries. Things are getting stranger and more dangerous for Faith, and she’s left to feel alone in this world of expensive parties and VIP guests while danger seems to stalk her old friends. It’s a damn good read and one worthy of a recommendation. Check it out.

Faithless #3 comes to us from writer Brian Azzarello and artist and cover artist Maria Llovet with letters from AndWorld Design.

Final Score: 8/10

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