Preview The Green Lantern #9 In Black And White From Morrison And Sharp

by Olly MacNamee

The Green Lantern #9 is out this week from DC Comics and while others may have the scoop on the preview, luckily for us Liam Sharp’s been sharing his gorgeous black and white unlettered pages on social media. Written by Grant Morrison with colours (although not here, obviously) by Steve Oliff and letters (again, not here) by Tom Orzechowski.

Enjoy this black and white, unlettered preview of the latest issue from DC Comics.

On the medieval fantasy planet of Athmoora, Sir Hal of the Lantern—a.k.a. Hal Jordan—must do battle with the evil wizard Ah-Bah-Nazzur, scourge of the Four Kingdoms! What is Ah-Bah-Nazzur’s secret? And what does it have to do with the looming extinction-level Multiversal threat that leaves countless dead super-beings in its wake?

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