Miranda: Fantasyland Tour Guide Takes Us On A Scenic Tour of Wondaria

by James Ferguson

If you watched Game of Thrones and wondered what the tourism situation was like in Westeros, Miranda: Fantasyland Tour Guide is for you. Coming in September from Action Lab Entertainment, it’s written and illustrated by Aaron Humphres. The book whisks you off to Wondaria, a land of magic and wonder where your tour guide, Miranda takes you to a magic house with floating furniture, haunted castles with singing ghosts, and more.

Creator Aaron Humphres says:

I want people to enjoy looking at all the places Miranda visits with the Deedle family. I hope my readers have fun exploring the illustrations and finding all the little creatures and details hidden throughout.

Miranda: Fantasyland Tour Guide is an all ages title full of magical places with fantastical creatures hidden throughout for you to find.

Humphres adds:

I love looking at illustrations with tons of details and hidden things to find. These types of pictures really draw me in and let my imagination wander. I hope people have just as much fun looking at the illustrations in my Miranda book as I had making them.

Miranda: Fantasyland Tour Guide is set for release on September 25th, 2019. It is currently available for pre-order.

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