SDCC 2019: Titan Announce New Robotech Remix Comic From Brenden Fletcher

by Olly MacNamee

Announced at Harmony Golds Robotech panel at SDCC 2019, Titan Comics revealed their plans fo Robotech: Remix #1 – billed as “a radical reimagining of the Sci Fi mecha anime classic.”

Following on from their recent Event Horizon event, writer Brenden Fletcher (Motorcrush, Isola) and artist Elmer Damaso (Robotech/Voltron, Marvel Mangaverse) boot up Robotech: Remix, an all-new series that will take beloved characters and iconic mecha to places fans have never seen before. And, along with this announcement, Titan Comics share some interior artwork too. For those of us not at SDCC, here’s that first look now along with the various covers that it will be sporting.

Robotech Remix #1 hits stores on October 9, 2019.

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