Why Long Shot Is Not A Remake Of Pretty Woman

by Benjamin Hall

(Warning of spoilers for the movies The American President [1995], Long Shot [2019], and Pretty Woman [1990].)
Pretty Woman is a movie that stars actors Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. It is about the romance between a wealthy businessman and a sex worker. While the movie Long Shot, starring actors Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, references Pretty Woman, they don’t really have many connections. Yes, both movies show seemingly unlikely couplings that have happy conclusions. (Though Pretty Woman is more about differing backgrounds versus how Long Shot is about looks.) However, Long Shot has almost the same story as the movie The American President (which stars actors Michael Douglas and Annette Bening) to the point that it may just be a remake.
In both Long Shot and The American President there is a campaign being run by one of the leads for the title of President of the United States Of America. Both also have the topic of climate change as one of the leading plot points. Also there is a scene in both involving handling aggressive foreign political actions. These two movies also reach their respective climax with a big speech moment where the presidential hopeful denounces a blackmail deal before the couple gets back together. Despite they similarities Long Shot is not a full on remake of The American President.
The movies differ in four key ways. For instance Charlize Theron’s character Charlotte Fields finds a peaceful solution to the aggressive foreign actions, whereas Michal Douglas’ character of President Andrew Shepard chooses to retaliate. Also Douglas’ President Andrew Sheppard originally focuses on gun control instead of climate change, whereas Theron’s Charlotte Fields has a pretty consistent focus on climate change. The third key difference is that there is a second potential love interest for Fields affections in the form of Prime Minister James Steward (who Alexander Skarsgård portrays), and The American President has no rival love interest. Finally viewers actually see the leads of Long Shot as a married couple versus how The American President gives viewers a “they presumably married” cliffhanger. Thus while Long Shot is a remake it is not a full on one, and definitely not a variant of Pretty Woman.

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