Darkseid Is … The Villain In The New Gods Film

by Erik Amaya

Darkseid is.
And while his presence in the upcoming New Gods film seems like a certainty to readers of the original Jack Kirby series, modern filmmaking habits would dictate he remain in the shadow for a potential sequel; just as he was held back for the aborted Justice League 2. But The Hollywood Reporter noted a tweet from director Ava DuVernay confirming the tiger force at the core of all things will indeed appear in the film, backed by the Female Furies.

The character, devised by Kirby, was one of the first New Gods to make his presence known in the DC Universe. And once the battle of the Fourth World made its way to Earth, he became a regular visitor on the couches of heroes like Orion and Mary Marvel. The Alpha Predator is the unquestioned ruler of Apokalips, the miserable twin planet of New Genesis, where Highfather hopes to end the rein of Darkseid.
The Furies, meanwhile, are part of his army and an element of the New Gods DuVernay said she loves. It appears Big Barda will be introduced as a member of the group before switching sides and hooking up with Mr. Miracle, another escapee of Apokalips.
The film is being written by DuVernay and Tom King, who wrote the exquisite Mr. Miracle limited series last year. It features the title character, Barda, the Furies as Mr. Miracle’s uncomfortable in-laws, and Darkseid himself as a guy who double-dips his vegetables from the snack platter into the ranch sauce. It is unclear if these elements will make their way into the film, but we hope some of King’s unexpected humor makes the leap to the big screen.

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