The Next Generation Rises in Lev Grossman’s The Magicians Comic Series

by James Ferguson

Fresh off the original graphic novel release of The Magicians: Alice’s Story, Boom! Studios has announced a new original five-issue mini-series set in the same world. The new comic, written by creator Lev Grossman and Lilah Sturges and illustrated by Pius Bak, features the first appearance of the next generation of heroes and villains. The fun begins in November 2019.

Author Lev Grossman says:

The Magicians universe is deep and rich and there are so many places and stories that the books just never got to. Lilah and Pius are going to take us there — with me kibitzing over their shoulders — and it’s going to be incredible.

The Magicians picks up long after Quentin and his friends have graduated from Brakebills. Dean Fogg welcomes a new group of students including the first ever class of hedge magicians, rogue practitioners of unsanctioned magic. The traditional magicians aren’t too happy about these rule-breaking outcasts being allowed in. Tempers flare as each side of the student body tries to prove its superiority. Meanwhile, they’re blind to a new danger rising to threaten them all.

Writer Lilah Sturges added:

Lev, Pius and I had such an amazing time working on Alice’s Story and it was clear from the start that we were a great team, so it was only natural that we would try to find a way to keep going! There are so many things to say in this world that Lev has created, so many potential stories just waiting to be told. Setting The Magicians at Brakebills gives us the chance to tell all new stories in a familiar setting, with a mixture of existing and new characters, and give readers something that feels very fresh while being unmistakably The Magicians.

The Magicians #1 features a main cover by Qistina Khalidah as well as a tarot card variant cover by Alexa Sharpe. These tarot card variants will run throughout the series, each featuring a brand new magician as the Hierophant.

Artist Pius Bak says:

I had a lot of fun drawing The Magicians: Alice’s Story, and seeing all the positive feedback after the launch was really encouraging. So I’m very excited, and I think fans will be, too, about the all-new Magicians series. I had a lot of freedom in designing the characters for this series, and it feels like a big responsibility to make them right, but I also feel very lucky to be able to contribute this much to The Magicians universe.

The Magicians #1 is set to debut on November 6th, 2019.
Matthew Levine, Editor, Boom! Studios added:

We’re very excited to introduce fans and new readers to a story that features some of the most intriguing new additions to The Magicians universe. This new and diverse class of Brakebills students make for an emotionally rich and daring ensemble that will pull you in from page one.

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