Miles Morales: Spider-Man #9 Shows The Strength Of Family

by James Ferguson

Miles has been captured and put through a barrage of painful experiments by the mysterious Assessor. There’s little hope that he’ll ever escape or see his loved ones again. Fortunately, his family isn’t going to just sit around waiting for him to turn up. They take matters into their own hands to save him.

I absolutely love how much Miles’ family is involved in his story both in and out of costume. His mother, father, and uncle all play a major part in his life, influencing his decisions and contributing to who he is as a person. Where Peter Parker only has one or two people that know his secret, Miles has a support group around him that works to make him stronger.

In Miles Morales: Spider-Man #9, his family proves to be his life line. They put the clues together to track him down. I’m not certain they’d be able to do this every time Miles gets in a scrap. I mean, what are they going to do if the kid gets whisked away to fight Galactus or something? In any case, what really comes through is the love they have for Miles. They put everything on the line to save him.

Miles’ uncle Aaron gets back in with a bad crowd in order to get a new Prowler suit that he needs to rescue his nephew. Although he’s using it for good, he needs to agree to doing something he hoped he’d put behind him. This is a poignant moment perfectly captured by artist Javier Garron. You can see the exact second Aaron makes the decision. He looks up and seemingly takes a deep breath as he realizes what he has to do, then comes back with a determined expression. Miles is helping Aaron become a better man.

The design for the new Prowler suit is pretty awesome. It’s sleek and futuristic with a cape that flows around him like a moving shadow. Colorist David Curiel gives this a really cool look, like your eyes can’t really focus on it. The purple and green of the suit really pop on the page, especially when Aaron activates key components, making them glow.

Miles’ father narrates this issue and each sentence carries so much weight. There are some thoughts we all take for granted, like the love for a family member. These are brought to the surface as a reminder of why he’s going through all this. This comes to a head when he lays eye on the battered and emotionally damaged Miles. Letterer Clayton Cowles breaks my heart with the tired and terrified voice of Miles as he questions whether or not his father is really there. It comes out as a small, frightened font.

There are still a load of questions about the Assessor and what he was doing with Miles. The fact that he’s still out there, armed with an incredible amount of information about Miles, his abilities and his weaknesses, is a scary thought. I get the feeling that writer Saladin Ahmed is building something over the course of this series and each of the elements we’ve seen so far will come together sooner or later. The family dynamic at the core of this series is strengthened, creating this force field around Miles to empower and protect him. Regardless of the troubles he’ll face as Spider-Man, he’ll always have the love of his family.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #9 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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