The Subterranean Nightmare Continues In Unearth #2

by Brendan M. Allen

Escorted by military hard cases, a group of scientists descend into a strange cave system in hopes of unlocking the secrets of a flesh-warping infection. But the cave system is crawling with hideous creatures that not only twist flesh, but minds as well! Is it possible this disease is working with a ghastly purpose? The nightmarish mystery deepens as this tale of terror from writers Cullen Bunn (Regression) and Kyle Strahm (Spread) and rising star artist Baldemar Rivas continues!

The publisher’s blurb gives a pretty good idea where Unearth #2 is headed. The team’s underground, and they’ve fractured into two separate groups. Because that’s what you do, when you’re underground and get chased deeper into the creepy cave by a giant gelatinous ooze monster. You split up.

Cullen Bunn and Kyle Strahm have started both the first two chapters with enormous pops. It’s almost like these chapters are written in reverse. Shocker, huge reveal, plot, plot, plot, and then another big turn at the end. I don’t know how to take the stuff at the beginnings of these books. Is this misdirection or do we take it at face value? That Lovecraftian RPG at the start has got to mean something, right? Who’s the kid and why is she so unsettling? Is it the blood? Probably the blood.

Baldemar Rivas’ artwork has a pulpy, mulched quality. The walls of the subterranean cave are soft, warm, damp. You really, really want to wash your hands after flipping through these pages. Oozing pustules, centipedes from hell, and creepy little children with dead eyes. Kind of makes you miss the human blobfish. Kind of. I don’t really even want to know where those things undulated off to.

It’s early, but I still don’t know exactly where Unearth is leading us. There are a whole lot of moving pieces. Slimy, disgusting pieces with fangs. 

Unearth #2, Image Comics, released 14 August 2019. Story by Cullen Bunn and Kyle Strahm, art by Baldemar Rivas, letters by Crank!, edited by Joel Enos, cover by Baldemar Rivas, alternate cover by Kyle Strahm and Baldemar Rivas, Production/Design by Ryan Brewer.

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