My Friend The Gorilla: Eve Stranger #3 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

The world watches as a 20-foot gorilla attacks a tower in Prague and his approached by Eve Stranger with a jetpack. They scuffle and fall into a pub, and the news stations loses track of both Eve and the gorilla. Meanwhile, in the pub, Eve and the gorilla are actually hitting it off. The gorilla’s name is Samantha, and she was once a human being before she was experimented upon by a pharmaceutical company. Eve agrees to help Samantha track down the people responsible, much to Jimmy’s chagrin. 

In the back-up short, intrepid reporter Eve Stranger goes to see a psychiatrist.

Eve Stranger #3 cover by Philip Bond
Eve Stranger #3 cover by Philip Bond

Eve Stranger #3 finds our hero making a new friend, more scenes of Eve’s childhood, and Jimmy questioning where is loyalties truly lie.

It’s another smart and comedic installment, with some interesting character development going on as well as plenty of intrigue. Jimmy’s inner turmoil makes for good drama, and Delilah is being set up as an excellent and particularly evil villain.

Samantha makes for a fun character addition as well, and I hope this isn’t the only time we see her in the series.

The jokes and one-liners are very funny in this comic. That can’t be stressed enough. The short at the end of the comic makes good use of its meta-narrative themes while being quite funny. 

Eve Stranger #3 art by Philip Bond, Eva de la Cruz, Lee Loughridge, and letterer Jane Heir
Eve Stranger #3 art by Philip Bond, Eva de la Cruz, Lee Loughridge, and letterer Jane Heir

Philip Bond brings a distinct visual design to the comic. It’s a style that displays motion and expression very well, and it has an identity all its own. Eva de la Cruz and Lee Loughridge’s color work gives the book an energetic vibe on top of it all. Liz Prince gives a nice and cartoonish aesthetic to the short, and Eva de la Cruz bolsters that with vibrant color work as well.

Eve Stranger #3 is another compelling and fun entry in this Black Crown series. Eve is a great lead character, and the people around her have interesting motivations and arcs throughout as well. This one definitely gets a recommendation. Check it out.

Eve Stranger #3 comes to us from writer David Barnett, artists Philip Bond and Liz Prince, color artists Eva de la Cruz and Lee Loughridge, letterer Jane Heir, and cover artist Philip Bond.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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