Mignola And Hughes Team Up To Bring You BPRD: The Seven Wives Club This Holiday Season

by Olly MacNamee

Following on from last year’s festive Hellboy special, Hellboy: Krampusnacht, comes the news that writer/artist Mike Mignola and artist Adam Hughes will team up again for Hellboy and the BPRD: The Seven Wives Club, a “ghostly yarn features Hellboy coming to the aid of a young girl whose ghost hunt in Savannah, GA goes terribly wrong”. Then, “things go from bad to worse, as they often do, when a visit to an abandoned medical school reveals sinister layers to a grisly long-ago murder.”
Christmas and ghosts have gone hand-in-hand in English Literature since the 19th century, as Mignola notes:

The Victorians used to read and tell ghost stories during the Christmas season. We might not be reading by candlelight these days, but I do like a good ghost story during the holiday season, especially when there are stolen cadavers, vengeful spirits, and art by Adam Hughes.

This book follows on from that tradition with style, no doubt. After all, we are talking about a one-shot from two of comicdom’s living legends! Will you find a copy in your stocking this holiday season?

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