Hailee Steinfeld May Become Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop

by Erik Amaya

Hailee Steinfeld may soon be making her mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Variety reports the Bumblebee actor has been offered the role of Kate Bishop in Disney+’s upcoming Hawkeye series. Based on the Marvel comics characters sharing the name, the series will feature Jeremy Renner — as Hawkeye Clint Batron — training Kate as a new Hawkeye for a new generation of Avengers. Or … something to that effect. Considering the logo in use for the series during pre-production, we expect at least some of the stories published since the Matt Fraction/David Aja/Annie Wu Hawkeye comic book series will also seep into the show.
Kate, created by Alan Heinberg and Jim Cheung, first appeared in Young Avengers #1 as a civilian who quickly catches the superhero bug. Standing  up to Captain America — who doesn’t want to train the youngsters pretending to be Avengers — Kate earns the codename “Hawkeye.” Clint was dead at the time, but the two eventually agreed to share the name. They’ve been fun to watch interacting ever since.
As Variety notes, Steinfeld’s acceptance of the role means being part of the MCU for a long time, which may prove to be a stumbling block in the decision-making process. She may ultimately want more freedom than planning her next decade around Marvel’s schedule. At the same time, this may be the sort of security she wants. We certainly hopes she takes it because, based on Bumblebee, she’s a great choice for one of our favorite Marvel Comics characters.
Hawkeye is slated to debut on Disney+ in the Fall of 2021.

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