Analog # 8: You Look Like A Fire Hydrant With A Drinking Problem

by Richard Bruton

When last we talked Analog, it was a little bit of a bewildering opening two issues to the second arc of this tale of a world post digital apocalypse, where a mass doxxing meant you had two choices; be online and have zero secrets or go analog. These are the continuing adventures of Gerry Duggan and David O’Sullivan’s ledger man, Jack McGinnis, one of a select few who risk all to deliver the really big, really dangerous secrets. And yes, it’s getting better…

After the trouble I had with issues 6 and 7, I’m happy to say that, now I’m back in touch with Analog, I’m enjoying it a lot more with issue 8. All the things I enjoyed in that first story-arc are there, the Warren Ellis, Transmetropolitan sort of dialogue, the stylised artwork that does a fine job of getting all the action over, that’s all still there. Yes, I still think it’s a tale that could benefit from a simple ‘story so far’ recap page, but perhaps that’s saying more about my ever-failing memory than the comic?
Whatever, here in issue 8, there’s the sense that things are ramping up, as Jack heads to Texas… or, as he puts it…

And there we have it again, the mysterious Oppenheimer, the obvious big bad behind it all, pulling all the strings and the reason Jack and his tape deck are here in Texas, looking for answers, on the run, short on friends and running out of options. It’s all done at great pace and with a great voice. Jack’s here, Oona and Aunt Sam are somewhere else, and Oppenheimer is planning something huge, a space mission that could change the world. But first, he’s got to get rid of Jack and having control of so many systems, he’s set everything in place for that to happen…

It’s all about secrets, about the AI, about Oppenheimer’s plans and about just what Jack can possibly do to thwart them. Right now, I’m settled in and just enjoying what’s turning out to be a fine ride of a series. Yes, the transition between arc one and two was messy, but now I’m here, I’m damn well enjoying the thrills Analog throws up again and again.
Analog issue #8 by Gerry Duggan (writer), David O’Sullivan (artist), Mike Spicer (colors), Joe Sabino (letters), is published by Image Comics.

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