Koei-Tecmo Gives More Info On Upcoming Fairy Tail RPG

by Sage Ashford

Koei Tecmo gave a new look at their upcoming RPG based on Hiro Mashima’s popular shonen anime, Fairy Tail.  Unfortunately brief, it gives us a glimpse at five of the characters being featured in the upcoming title.  Additional information already released says the game will contain over ten different characters.  Judging by the silhouettes below, Gajeel and Juvia are both safe guesses, along with Jellal.

Developer Gust also informed us that the game would take place after the Tenrou Island arc, closing with a boss battle against Hades of Raven Tail.  When players start the game, Fairy Tail will be a shadow of what it was.  The guild hall is a mess, and it’ll be up to the player to rebuild the guild into what it was.  Players will be able to take on quests of various levels, and completing them will help the guild grow and be added to over time.

The game is now confirmed to be command-based, resulting in players being able to take advantage of combo attacks and positioning to win.  The first half of the game will follow the main storyline, including the Grand Magic Games. But there seems to be an original story happening after players have completed the first half.

This is actually sounding more and more like a better game as we learn more from them.  They’re making great use of the property, including nearly a dozen playable characters confirmed thus far.  Plus the ability to go on quests as a guild member and aid the group while they’re at their lowest part allows for story and RPG profile development.   Supposedly, the game is 50 percent complete, though with so many great anime RPGs coming out if they missed 2020 then 2021 wouldn’t be the worst thing for them.

Fairy Tail is available for PC, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch for 2020.

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