Art For Art’s Sake #18 – Relax And Enjoy The Art

by Richard Bruton

Every week, the Comicon Art For Art’s Sake column brings you the very best in comic art that I’ve seen in the past week. It’s a feast of brilliance… so settle in, relax, and enjoy the artwork…

Kevin Wada‘She-Hulk (2014) issues 8-10 were a triptych, based on a three issue story arc including Old Cap. You can see the changes we made from the sketch to the finish. Sorry for Cap’s wonky shield…watercoloring perfect circles is hard yo. So proud of these covers.’

The Wild Storm Vol.4 – Jenny Mei by Jon Davis-Hunt 

Batgirl by Elsa Charretier (Via Comic Art Showcase)

Fozzie Bear: The Killing Joke by Marco D’Alfonso (Via Browse The Stacks)

Darwyn Cooke with Jonathan Babcock; Batman: Ego

Steve Bissette – 1997 Dr. Weird & Bog Swamp Demon cover art.

Joe Kubert – G. I. Combat (DC Comics) No. 135 – 1969

Lyndon Webb – Dredd & The Doctor…

Andi Watson – Mary Marvel…

Paul Williams… ‘Just finished this BEAST of a commission for a 2000AD reader, a speculative ‘City of The Damned’ scene featuring Judges DeMarco, Lamia and Janus. That was an intense week of inking!

Leonardo Manco – ‘Here we go with another Blank Commission! now with … MORBIUS !!! The Living Vampire

Warwick Johnson-Cadwell – The Woods

Daniel Warren Johnson – Iron Man

Phantom Stranger – Sara Richard (Via Failed Mad Scientist)

Jae Lee – Supes, The Cat & The Bat…

All New X-Men 7 – David Marquez

Graham Nolan – Detective Comics 699 – 1996 – that’s a stunning cover, negative space that isn’t negative pace…

And while we’re talking Batman… the late Mike Parobeck’s run on Batman Adventures is one I shall always love…


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