London Calling: Take A Peek At These Savage Shores Finale With Issue #5

by Olly MacNamee

They say patience is a virtue, so I can’t be too virtuous because I’ve been anything but patient for the final issue of These Savage Shoes to drop. But, finally, it’s here and we’ve got a first look at this exquisite, entertaining, eerie period drama. One part Merchant Ivory and another part Hammer House of Horror, it’s been an absolute delight to read and collect each issue. Written by Ram V with art by Sumit Kumar, colors by Vittorio Astone, and letters by Aditya Bidkar, it’s been one of my favourite series published by Vault Comics and a stone cold instant classic in the making. And, in these preview pages, you get a real feel of why this book is so special.

In the aftermath of war, victories and defeats are counted. But there are things lost that can never be regained. And so, a monster now travels to a civilized land for a final confrontation. A clash of ideologies that will leave in its wake a devastation of the soul. Along These Savage Shores from whence the monsters came to a world full of good men.

These Savage Shores #5 is out October 9th from Vault Comics.

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