Misty Presents The Beautiful & Haunting Jordi Badia Romero Collection

by Richard Bruton

Jordi Badia Romero was truly one of those unsung masters of comics and, as many would agree, his Misty work is the master at his very best. Now, thanks once more to the Treasury of British Comics, this incredible work, beautiful, glamorous, chilling, is here for us to enjoy anew.

Misty was IPC’s first horror comic, published from 1978 to 1980. A really different sort of comic, putting together the romantic and stylish artwork of the girl’s comics of the 60s and 70s with a darker supernatural edginess.
One of the finest artists involved in Misty was Jordi Badia Romero, who had been producing work in British girls’ comics for many, many years. And, as you’ll see throughout this preview, his work has an incredible beauty to it but also never loses its edginess and consistently delivers some haunting, magnificent looks. It’s glamourous but with a real sense of foreboding and horror. For the editors of MIsty, this made him a perfect match. That he was incredibly fast was the absolute icing on the cake.

This Catalan artist worked extensively on romance titles through the 60s and 70s, branching out to titles including Dr Who, Battle, Warlord, and Action amongst many more.
But as you’ll see from the work on Misty, his work was so beautiful, so glamorous, he was a natura fit for the romance taes. But as the tales got darker, Jordi’s art proved perfect, whether it was in the Supercats strip in girls horror title, Spellbound, or the 18 short strips and the serial Screaming Point in Misty that you’ll find inside this wonderful collection.

Sadly, his Misty work was some of his last, as he died at the far too young age of 46 in 1984.
But with this collection of some of his finest work, The Treasury of British Comics is bringing back the work of another lost master of comics art to an audience today.
Misty presents the art of Jordi Badia Romero is published by The Treasury of British Comics on 17 October.

Now, enjoy our Comicon preview of the beautiful artwork of a British comics master…

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