Gobelins Animated Shorts of September 2019

by Tito W. James

Gobelins is an animation school in France that produces high quality student films with wide-ranging art styles. As a long time fan of their work I wanted to spotlight their animated shorts month by month.

[**Tasteful nudity warning. These are the French, after all.]

Blind Eye

Blind Eye serves as a comedic critique of idol worship as two siblings find themselves to be candidates for human sacrifice. This isn’t the first time Gobelins students have created an animated short about human sacrifice but it is the funniest.

In Orbit

In Orbit follows the psychological state of an astronaut suffering from survivors’ guilt. The short does a terrific job at using horror iconography to convey emotion.


In Oasis, a mother and son try to survive in an oasis plagued by an encroaching desert and environmental hazards. While the overall art direction is up to par with Gobelins esthetic standard, this story would have benefited from some dialogue.

You can keep up to date with the latest Gobelins animated shorts on their YouTube channel.

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