Copra #1 Brings The Ultimate Indie Heroes To Image Comics

by Tony Thornley

Several years ago, a completely self-published superhero comic that was one part Suicide Squad homage, one part GI Joe homage and wholly an original and surreal superhero thriller. Now after some time away, Copra returns, this time at Image Comics, with a new #1, and a new direction.

The series is written, drawn, colored and lettered entirely by Michel Fiffe.

Trying to take it easy, Copra is laying low in Miami. However for this squad laying low and taking it easy is impossible, as one of their own reveals himself as a sleeper agent for the nefarious ARM. The team might be in over its head this time, both in the immediate and the danger lurking just out of sight…

Fiffe is one of the best craftsmen in comics today. His art style appears simple at first glance, however, he has a great sense of action. His fight choreography is stellar, as his highly stylized figures have a great sense of weight, and their actions have clear consequences across the page.

The story is interesting and dense. Fiffe dives right into where he last left off, with the consequences of the last of his story playing right into where this volume begins. However, it can definitely be intimidating for a new reader. There is back matter in the issue that gives the reader more depth for the characters and the history of the series, but it would have worked better with some exposition in the story itself.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work though. It’s a thrilling adventure, full of classic hallmarks of the spy genre, with a superheroic twist. The characters are all interesting and relatable, even though they’re weird and over the top. It’s a fun return for the series.

Things are rough for our heroes, and I can’t wait to read more.

Copra #1 is available now from Image Comics.

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