Wayne Brady Joins Black Lightning In 2020

by Erik Amaya

Wayne Brady will be making a trip to Black Lighting‘s Earth in the new year.
Variety reports the Whose Line Is It Anyway? MVP will recur as Tyson Spikes, aka Gravedigger. Described as something of a Captain America, Spikes volunteered for a super-solider program during World War II and defected to Markovia following the war to evade the segregation and racism still rampant in his homeland. The character is based on the Gravedigger introduced by Greg Rucka, Eric Trautman, and Joe Bennett in the pages of the late 2000s Checkmate series, though another African-American character called Gravedigger was introduced in 1977’s Men of War #1. The latter character, Tyson Sykes, gained telepathic abilities after injecting a serum made from Starro DNA. His current whereabouts in regards to Event Leviathan are unknown.
But back in the Black Lighting world, the inclusion of Gravedigger suggests Markovia may prove to be less villainous than the series, and the ASA, has led viewers to believe. And considering the title character’s long relationship with that fictional nation, we expect the truth about Markovia to be far more multi-layered than anything Jefferson (Cress Williams) has heard to date.
As for Brady, he will make his debut as Gravedigger in the 2020 portion of the season.
Black Lighting airs Mondays on The CW.

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