The Monthly Megazine Preview – Issue 413: Burning Down The House

by Richard Bruton

Time once more to take a monthly spin round the pages of the Judge Dredd Megazine, this month all under a cracking cover from Cliff Robinson and Dylan Teague.
Three strips continue inside – Diamond Dogs, The Returners, and Anderson on The Dead Run. As for new things, there’s a brand new Dredd to enjoy and a new Tale from that blackest of Black Museums.

The new Megazine, issue 413, hits shops on 16 October for the UK and on digital. Anywhere else, get your local shop to order it for you.

JUDGE DREDD: BAD WIRING – TC Eglington, Dan Cornwell, colors Jim Boswell, letters Annie Parkhouse.
A done in one Dredd, with Joe investigating funny goings on in a very exclusive Block, a murder, and a maker of Living Dolls…
Eglington has a nice handle on telling a done in one, a nice procedural, Dredd investigating yet another one of MC-1’s citizens who’s just this side of completely crazy. And Cornwell really does a fabulous job on the art, great storytelling and a great looking Dredd.

TALES FROM THE BLACK MUSEUM – TAINTED LOVE – Rory McConville, Joe Palmer, letters by Ellie De Ville
I do like the Black Museum, giving writers and artists to fire up their best versions of EC Comics and really go for it.
This time, it’s a love story, Black Museum style, with many a delicious twist in the tale with McConville tying it all together with a culinary twist.
It’s just a few pages, but it’s done fabulously well. And Joe Palmer’s artwork is a delight in b&w, very much like Paul Grist at times, which is surely no bad thing as all.

DIAMOND DOGS – PART 5 – James Peaty, Warren Pleece, letters Simon Bowland
It was bound to happen, Nia getting rumbled by the Diamond Dogs, or at least having them suspect something was wrong. After all, playing both sides of the law, Dogs gang member and Judge’s snitch was never going to work long term.

But she’s already proved to us that she’s smart and now we find out she’s resourceful and capable of coming up with a last ditch excuse.
Trouble is, she’s now got herself in a real high stakes game, where it’s her neck on the line if/when it all goes wrong. Even worse, the plan involves pissing off both sides… can she really pull off the plan? Well, we’ll find out soon.
But damn, it’s a fine series, Peaty and Pleece crafting a great story with characters that sit just right in the underbelly of Brit-Cit.

THE RETURNERS: CHANDHU – PART 5 – Si Spencer, Nicolo Assirelli, colors by Eva De La Cruz, letters by Simon Bowland
So, here’s some sort of answer to why the hell this oddball group are in this Sin-Cit amusement park, brutally spelt out for us in body parts. But how the hell the Returners are going to deal with this, we’ll have to find out next issue.
It’s been a great looking series, with Assirelli’s artwork just so expansive, big and beautiful on the page. But… one drawback to all that beauty is that it’s an expansive tale, and it’s feeling a little lightweight in terms of plot here, especially if it’s all over with next issue.

ANDERSON, PSI: THE DEAD RUN – PART 4 – Maura McHugh and Patrick Goddard, colors by Pippa Mather, letters by Annie Parkhouse
We’re still out in the Cursed Earth with Anderson baby-sitting a team of Psi-cadets out for testing. And now it’s time to get inside the head of the nasty that’s been trying to eat them.

Problem is, for a green cadet, getting inside a mind this damaged and dangerous could be bad news for all the team.
It’s proving to be a really strong, good old-fashioned Anderson adventure, with Goddard’s art an absolute joy to see, wonderful storytelling, crystal clear, and looking so good.

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