Primal Is The Pinnacle Of Mature Prestige Animation

by Tito W. James

After witnessing the first five episodes of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal , I was blown away by its esthetic beauty, narrative sophistication, and emotionally rooted action. Each episode felt like a story out of a long forgotten pulp comic. The influences of Frank Frazetta and  Osamu Tezuka are blended perfectly with Tartakovsky’s quarter century-long animation career.

While the pacing and directorial techniques are of cinematic caliber, equal credit should be given to Primal’s superb sound design. The SFX produced by Joel Valentine make every grunt, roar, and scream sound like they came from a real primordial monster. This, combined with the energetic and often emotional musical score by Tyler Bates (John Wick) creates seamless nonverbal storytelling.

I cannot emphasize enough that these types of shows come only once in a blood moon. Therefore, I would advocate that if you are a fan of the series, please lend your support by spreading the word and buying a season pass on iTunes. Animation studios need to know that there is money to be made in serious, beautifully animated shows for adult audiences.

That’s all for Season 1 of Primal. Look for the next five episodes in the coming year.

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