First Look: Destruction Flag Otome PV

by Sage Ashford

The light novel series I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags, is the next isekai series up for an anime adaptation.  The series is set around Katarina Claes, the daughter of a duke.  When she’s out playing one day, she accidentally hits her head on a rock and recovered the memories of her past life.  It’s then that she comes to a horrible realization: she’s actually living through an otome game she played in her past life!

Unfortunately for her, it seems like no matter what she does she’s in trouble.  In the game, she interferes with the love life of the heroine.  The heroine isn’t guaranteed to win, but if she does Katarina is exiled from her kingdom.  If she loses, Katarina herself ends up dead.  This leads the young woman aware of her fate to try and find some way to have her own happy ending!

The director of the series is Keisuke Inoue (Ao-chan Can’t Study), and Megumi Shimizu (Butlers) is on series composition.  Miwa Ooshima (Baka & Test) is doing the character design, with studio SILVER LINK (Strike the Blood, Kokoro Connect) producing.

As isekai series have become so common that we often get no less than two per season, the ideas are becoming more and more drastic.  This isn’t a genre that’s going away while there’s still anime, but we’re probably getting close to the saturation point, as we’re a long way from days when Sword Art Online was a novelty.  Still, this is supposedly a great comedy series and will likely manage to stand out for itself.

Destruction Flag Otome is confirmed as a Spring season series, beginning in April.

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