No One Left To Fight #5 Cannot Be The Last Issue Of This Series

by James Ferguson

No One Left to Fight may have to change its name as there is definitely someone left to fight in its fifth – and final?!?! – issue. Bruton, the monster that Kale defeated all those years ago, has risen once again, thanks to the Hierophant. He’s bigger and badder than ever and he’s attacked the peaceful Arboreal Sanctum. Vale and Timor pull out all the stops to put this beast down, but will it be enough?

Just when I thought No One Left to Fight couldn’t get any bigger, we get hit with an all-out brawl of epic proportions. The showdown between Bruton and Vale and Timor is insane. Energy is flying every which way. Artist Fico Ossio has outdone himself with this issue, especially with the colors, aided by Raciel Avila. They explode on the page to the point where I felt the need to wear sunglasses to finish the comic.
There are a bunch of homages to Dragon Ball Z in this sequence as Vale and Timor unleash devastating energy attacks. At times it’s almost too close of an homage, so it’s like these events could be happening on another planet in that universe. Vegeta and Goku could crash land here and hang out and no one would bat an eye.

Letterer Taylor Esposito brings out the big guns with some explosive screams from these two warriors. At one point Timor is just yelling “Die!” over and over again, but his words break out of the balloons, adding to the intensity of the scene. Esposito also uses this awesome effect for some of the more powerful moves later in the fight, making the dialogue look a little hazy.  It’s like these men are so strong and there’s so much energy coming off of them that their very words blur in the air.
As much as I loved these fight scenes, there are some smaller moments that really steal the show in No One Left to Fight #5. There’s an awesome page where Vale and Timor have to dig deep and power up. The page is split in half with each warrior on either side. As they’re channeling their energy, we see images of what fuels that power flashing behind them. In Vale’s case, these are pictures of people he loves, who we’ve seen along this journey. Meanwhile, Timor draws from pure rage with images of volcanoes and exploding planets. This really illustrates the differences between the two men.

This is where the colors really go into overdrive with some shockingly bright yellows that underscore the lengths these two men are going to stop this monster and protect their loved ones. Speaking of which, Krysta comes into play in a big way with this fight. Bruton took her arm years ago, so at first, she’s terrified that he’s risen again. She has a decisive blow in the battle that neither Vale nor Timor could match. I’m glad to see her get a few hits in.
This can’t be the last issue of No One Left to Fight. It just can’t. There’s so much left to explore in this world and writer Aubrey Sitterson leaves things off in a massive cliffhanger. Knowing now that this began as a five-issue mini-series, I wonder if some of the elements earlier in the story couldn’t have been condensed to have more of a concrete ending here, however I wouldn’t want to trade in the amazing character development we had to get to this point. As it stands, there should very much be at least one more chapter to answer some of these questions that have popped up. PLEASE!

No One Left to Fight is a truly special comic. Yes, it pulls on nostalgia for things like Dragon Ball Z and Street Fighter, but it’s so much more than that. It’s an amazing character-driven story about regret, heartbreak, family, and love, all through the guise of dudes shooting brightly-colored energy blasts out of their hands. It has elements of action, drama, comedy, and more, making you laugh one moment, shout with excitement the next, and the bring you to tears. We need more comics like this in our lives.
No One Left to Fight #5 from Dark Horse Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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