Murder, Mystery, Horror: Preview Cromwell Stone GN From Andreas And Titan

by Olly MacNamee


The collected adventures of Andreas’s Crowell Stone will be released by Titan Comics this November 26th. Bringing together the Cromwell Stone trilogy under one cover, and for the first time in English. The preview below really shows of the meticulous detail Andreas etches into each panel, making maximum use of line, shadow and shade that helps create an amazingly eerie and gothic atmosphere. Evocative of Bernie Wrightson in places.
A handsome looking horror graphic novel collection and available in 112 page hardback for  $29.99/£26.99

The last survivors of a mysterious sea voyage are disappearing in unnerving ways, and Cromwell Stone must solve the mystery before it catches up with him. The truth rests on an otherworldly key stolen from the ship and the alien worlds it will unlock …

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