The Latest Red Sonja Kicks Off Its Second Year In February

by James Ferguson

After twelve issues and two tie-in one-shots, the current iteration of Red Sonja heads into its second year. Writer Mark Russell is joined by artist Bob Q for the latest adventures of the She-Devil with a Sword from Dynamite Entertainment. Sonja the Red has been on quite a journey. She’s been crowned the Queen of Hyrkania, fought against Dragan the Magnificent and now lives in relative peace, sitting on the throne of her conquered kingdom. Now comes the impossible task of actually ruling. This is made even more difficult since there’s no food, no infrastructure, and no plan. Sonja must make some extremely difficult choices, compromises, and alliances if she wants her reign to continue.

Writer Mark Russell says:

The first year was about telling the story of Sonja leading her people against the world’s most powerful emperor, as adapted into fantasy from the historical story of Queen Tomyris and Cyrus the Great. Being a huge fan of ancient history, it was an amazing opportunity to get to tell a longform and pretty freeform story adapted from the history books, which back then, were almost works of fantasy themselves.

Russell continued:

This next one is going to be different in that it’s less about adapting stories from ancient history and more about moving the characters we’ve created forward. It’s about the consequences of war, even for winners. About how all our actions have unintended consequences. Mirko was really great at establishing that sense of historic authenticity and the griminess of war, which was so important to those first issues. As the story moves beyond that initial source of inspiration, Bob will have to invent his visual approach to these settings and characters, but we’ve worked together on other projects and I have nothing but confidence in his ability.

Bob Q joins Russell for Red Sonja #13-18. This run will also feature covers by Jae Lee as he returns to Dynamite.

Bob Q says:

The last few months have been a game of mental ping pong, jumping back and forth between secret weapons bunkers, super heroes and police conspiracy to the political dealings of a barbarian queen and her stable of loyal consorts all on horseback… it’s a real challenge. In the few issues I’ve contributed to the series so far, I’ve already drawn cosmic space snake gods, ancient tree people, elephant warriors, and spooky wizards in an obsidian tower…. I can only imagine where Mark’s going take us next.

Jae Lee added:

This is my chance to draw fantasy! Red Sonja is one of the most iconic fantasy characters ever created. I’m honored to be doing a run of covers for Dynamite. Despite the horror elements in my work, my true passion has always been to work on a fantasy book.

The fun begins in Red Sonja #13, due out in February 2020.

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