You Am Moving Forward To Beginning Of Time With Terrifics #22

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Bizarro and his Terribles take a trip to Bgztl to acquire Phantom Zone crystals to power Mister Terrible’s time machine, which will take Earth back in time and eliminate all technology. When they activate the time machine, it also turns the Terrifics into children. Metamorpho awakens in a nightmare version of his childhood home, and he’s soon attacked by Change-o-Shape-o in the guise of a slasher movie villain. Metamorpho links up with the other Terrifics, and they try to take the fight back to Bizarro and the Terribles. However, the Terribles are at full power, and the Terrifics are in their childhood bodies. Can the Terrifics win this one?

Terrifics #22 cover by Stephen Byrne
Terrifics #22 cover by Stephen Byrne

Terrifics #22 finds the team at the mercy of Bizarro and the Terribles, as the team from Thrae has the power to take our planet back to the Stone Age–literally.
The arrival of Bizarro and the Terribles was definitely a sea change for the comic; it got goofier, more anarchic, and downright strange. That change reaches new heights in this issue. Between the Terrifics being turned into kids and the strange deathtraps the Terribles throw our heroes into, Terrifics #22 is easily among the most odd and goofy superhero comics I’ve read in recent weeks.
It is a funny comic. The strange and backwards logic of Bizarro is always fertile ground for comedy, and the addition of the Terribles gives him a feedback loop that escalates his hairbrained ideas.
Terrifics #22 art by Stephen Segovia, Protobunker, and letterer Tom Napolitano
Terrifics #22 art by Stephen Segovia, Protobunker, and letterer Tom Napolitano

Stephen Segovia gives the comic a highly-detailed and outright gorgeous visual design that adds an ominous touch to the book. Despite the cartoon logic of it all, you’re given a hint of just how destructive the Terribles are–especially to the people of Bgztl. Protobunker supports that with a dark and foreboding color palette.
Terrifics #22 is a strange yet fun comic that runs on a dream logic that is still somehow relatively easy to follow. Bizarro’s plan reaches its apex, and the Terrifics are literally like children in the face of this threat. It’s a solid read and one that earns a recommendation. Feel free to pick it up.
Terrifics #22 comes to us from writer Gene Luen Yang, artist Stephen Segovia, color artist Protobunker, letterer Tom Napolitano, cover artist Stephen Byrne, and variant cover artist Riley Rossmo.
Final Score: 7/10

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