Review: Justice League #27 Brings This Latest DC Crisis To A Head

by Olly MacNamee

The final countdown is well and truly underway in Justice League #37, and so the the combined forces of the DCU try one last all-out united defense against Luthor, Perpetua and their horrendous hordes with the Multiverse at stake. A Multiverse that will already look very different once the smoke settles as another planet meets its maker. Literally.

The opening barrage of double page spreads depicting the two armies throwing themselves towards one another encourages the reader to image the sheer scale of this last stand, and that;s truly at stake.  Within the Hall of Justice – itself transformed into a hulking monolith integral to this battle – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more hold hands and combine the various forces we’ve come to know exist within the DCU – the speed force, the emotional spectrum, and more – but will it be enough? The Earth stands poised on deciding to side with doom, or with justice, similar to our own choices in next week’s UK General Election, while the Anti-Monitor and the World Forger face off against one another in a galaxy far, far away. Plus, there’s the second, and final, sighting of the Flashmobile from last issue too. Just don’ let Barry know that it soon becomes another casualty in this war of the worlds. Whoops, spider there, I suppose. RIP Flashmobile (Born: JL #36 – Died JL #37), gone but not forgotten.

Throughout it all, artist Jorge Jimenez, who has evolved his own artistic stylings since being on this series, rises to each and every challenge Snyder throw at him. It’s another gargantuan issue in terms of head count, and Jimenez must have worked overtime to get these gorgeous, dynamic, energetic pages done and dusted. What a great way to end a stellar run on a series that has seen the Justice League rightfully return to the magnificent heights of its past. A title that has mixed some of the Justice League’s greatest characters, themes, tropes, narratives and rich history into an epic almost 40 issues in the making. We’ve had it all; from an all-new Justice League/Justice Society cross-over (always a favourite annual tradition in the Justice League of America for me as a kid), as well as our very own crisis on multiple earths, right through to time travel and dimension hopping too. It’s got it all.
Synder has certainly made one DC fanboy very happy. Now, onto the concluding issue. An early Christmas present for me when it comes out on Wednesday 18th December.
Justice League #7 is out now from DC Comics

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