Art For Art’s Sake # 29: This Week’s Comic Art Treat For You

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake is Comicon’s weekly look at the best comic art I’ve seen in the week – old, new, well-known, completely new… it doesn’t matter at all as long as it looks fabulous! So join us here at Comicon and love the art!
Kazuo Kamimura

Supergirl and Wonder Woman in Bizarro Comics by Dave Cooper

Gemma Correll

Rufus Dayglo – Tank Girl sketch…

Black Bolt and Medusa by Bruce Timm

Dave McKean – Cages

P. Craig Russell – Spectre

The Inferior Five – Kevin Nowlan

Storm by Art Adams (Via Failed Mad Scientist)

White Queen – Babs Tarr

Renee Montoya by Michael Lark for Rose City Comic Con 2019 (Via Dirty River)

Animal by Gabriel Hardman (Via Browse The Stacks)

Worlds of madness by Carl Critchlow

Kevin Wada – She-Hulk greatness…

And finally, from what is still one of my all-time favourite superhero tales, the Captain Britain stories of Alan Moore and Alan Davis… (and of course the early work from Dave Thorpe)


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