Highs And Lows: Preview Fantastic Four #17 From Marvel Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Fantastic Four #4 by writer Dan Slott and artists Luciano Vecchio, Carlos Magno, Bob Quinn and Sean Isaakse (that’s a lot pf artists for one single issue) comes out from Marvel this week as the Fantastic Four remain stuck on Spyre and Johnny continues to come to terms  with his new found ‘soulmate’ (according to the rules of Spyre). Catch our preview below:

The Fantastic Four’s choices from long ago have forever changed a planet 44 light years away. Today, Ben Grimm’s actions will change their future. And Johnny Storm’s world will never be the same again. All this – and one of the biggest FF secrets of all-time is finally revealed!

Fantastic Four #4 is out Wednesday 11th December from Marvel.

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