Review: X-Force #3 Drops The Sword Of Damocles By Percy, Cassara And Guru

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Dustin Weaver & Edgar Delgado

In three issues, X-Force has added some unexpected wrinkles to what readers expected of Krakoa. The series has already set the stage for some interesting stories to come, but what does it mean for the X-Men to come?

Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara, Guru-eFx, Joe Caramagna, and Tom Muller establish the mission statement of X-Force X-Force #3.

The X-Men battle threats on two fronts. In South Korea, Wolverine, Quite and Domino tear apart the lab that created the Reavers, barely escaping with their lives. On Krakoa, Jean and Beast race to fix Cerebro and preserve Xavier’s new dream. It all leads to the establishment of the newest incarnation of X-Force!

Percy’s story has improved greatly over the course of this first arc. He’s gained a better grasp of his characters, and the antagonists are much more clearly defined. He also uses the full potential of Krakoa outside his core concept, not just in the characters (though Healer, Magneto and Cecilia Reyes are great) but also how the human world is reacting to Krakoa.

It’s not perfect though. The conversation about death between Beast and Jean feels off, as these conversations seem to be happening way later than they actually should have been. Two other moments are extremely melodramatic – the data page describing the “Sword of Cerebro” and the reveal of the villain organization’s name – which pulled me out of the story.

Cassara’s art is a major highlight of the issue. He has a great sense of motion for the action, especially when it comes to the differences in the characters. Quire moves differently than Logan, who moves differently than Domino. It’s a strong showing and I’m excited to see what he does next in the story.

The team has been built. The mission has been established. X-Force is together to defend Krakoa. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m excited to see what’s next.

X-Force #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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