The Argus Takes Us On A Slick Time Travel Adventure

by James Ferguson

Action Lab: Danger Zone has announced The Argus, a new time travel series debuting in February 2020 from writer Mark Bertolini and artist Darryl Knickrehm. It follows the space / time continuum’s temporal police force, consisting of 100 versions of the same man from various points in his own timeline. Their job is to monitor and protect the continuum from breaks, incursions, and other damage that may occur. A new threat comes from within when one of them goes crazy after a horrible mission and he starts hunting the others. They have no choice but the violate their golden rule and recuit the 16-year-old prodigy that invented time travel in the first place.

Writer Mark Bertolini says:

I remember coming up with the idea for the Argus around the same time I started dating my then-girlfriend/now-wife, and mentioning the idea to her. She wasn’t a comics fan and didn’t have the history with comics that I did, but she told me that the idea sounded really smart. I’m not sure if it was smart or not, but it was enough to convince me to keep working on it, and now 8 years later we’re about to make it a reality.

Argus #1 is set for release on February 5th, 2020. It features a main cover by Knickrehm.

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