Giant Pets Invade An Unsuspecting City In Garfield: Garzilla

by James Ferguson

The Kind of Mondays and lasagna is back with a new original graphic novel. Garfield: Garzilla is coming in March 2020 from BOOM! Studios, in partnership with PAWS Inc. The book features three original stories including an extra large story by Scott Nickel & Antonio Alfaro about the biggest Garfield ever. We’ll also see the return of private eye, Sam Spayed and Lee Gatlin writes and illustrates a short where Jon may have turned into a werewolf while trying to grow a beard.

The main story has a science experiment gone wrong, unleashing giant pets including iguanas, ferrets, hamsters, and birds onto an unsuspecting city. It’s up to a super-sized Garfield to save the day.
Garfield: Garzilla is set for release on March 18th, 2020.

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