Dynamite Announces First Repairman Jack Graphic Novel, Scar-Lip

by James Ferguson

During San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, Dynamite announced a licensing deal with author F. Paul Wilson to bring Repairman Jack to comics. Now we have details on the first original graphic novel. Repairman Jack: Scar-Lip, written by Wilson, illustrated by Antonio Fuso, colored by Pippa Bowland, and lettered by Crank, pits Jack against a particularly cunning and deadly Rakosh. He’ll face the fight of his life as he seeks to end the creature once and for all before it ends him.

Wilson says:

Love comics. My earliest reading materials were Vault of Horror and Uncle Scrooge. I became a Ditko fan with This Magazine is Haunted. The visual medium is great for a sock in the gut in the final panel. I’ve always found the comics world easier to deal with than Hollywood.

Repairman Jack first appeared in 1984’s The Tomb. Since then he’s been featured in more than twenty novels. The man works as a fixer, solving problems for people in his near-future world ranging from issues familiar to us to supernatural creatures and scenarios.

Wilson continued:

Jack is a blue-collar hero. That’s a big part of his appeal. Readers can imagine hanging at Julio’s and hoisting a few beers with him. Can you imagine that with James Bond or John Wick? Hell no.

Repairman Jack: Scar-Lip is a hardcover graphic novel clocking in at 120 pages. A limited edition signed by Wilson will also be available. It’s set for release in March 2020.

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