Review: New Mutants #4 Goes Boom (Boom)

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Rod Reis

Everyone’s been left out by their friends before. Unfortunately everyone handles it a literally different and New Mutants #4 shows what happens when one classic New Mutant misses out on an intergalactic adventure.

Ed Brisson, Marco Failla, Carlos Lopez, Travis Lanham, and Tom Muller stage a rescue mission.

Tabitha Smith is spiraling, despite the prosperity of Krakoa. Her friends left her on Earth, without even asking if she wanted to go to space. However, the half-drunk heroine finds a purpose when she realizes Armor and her team haven’t returned to the island. And it’s a good thing too, as Armor’s team is over their heads as captives of a group of black market drug runners!

Brisson covers a lot of ground in this story and the way he paces it is extremely effective. He makes the story feel like a much longer issue than it is, without making it feel decompressed or as if the story is dragging. His characterization of his leads, especially Boom Boom and Armor, is fantastic too. The only downside in the writing is in the villains, who cross the line quickly into an over the top and unrealistic threat.

Failla exaggerates everything about Boom Boom, using camera up angles and exaggerated, fluid body language to play with her drunken stupor and over the top attitude. He then draws it in as the story shifts to Armor, using layouts that feels much more intimate. Every line is in service of the story, and it’s full of energy and great action. Lopez’s colors are fun, and bright, the perfect compliment to Failla’s line work.

This continues to be the most fun book of the Dawn of X. I’m excited for each issue, and hope it can keep this momentum.

New Mutants #4 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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