SSSS.Gridman Gets A Sequel Series With SSSS.Dynazenon

by Sage Ashford

Though Tsuburaya just released a series focused around their 1990s tokusatsu character Gridman this year, they aren’t quite finished developing the character yet. The company is teaming up with Studio Trigger to bring fans the next project in what’s being referred to as a “Gridman Universe” with SSSS.Dynazenon. The staff will remain the same from the previous version of the series.
Interestingly enough, the trailer above only shows parts of the original SSSS.Gridman series. With rumors implying that this new series will stick largely to a new cast of characters, the lack of any new footage for the follow-up series raises way more questions, especially since it has a different name. Equally interesting about the title is its reference to the original name of the mecha which worked with Gridman in the live-action series: God Zenon and Dyna Dragon. “Dynazenon” combines the names of both, while implying this season will focus more heavily on Dyna Dragon.

Though we have a trailer and an image of what Trigger wants the Dyna Dragon to look like, there’s no date nailed down yet. However, considering Gridman’s success, the amount of time to develop the series will likely be cut down.  Presumably they’re aiming for another Summer release — a time not usually packed with heavy hitters.

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